Ignited by Sun’s burden and vision for the parents in CHC and together with this committee of mothers, our hope is that CityParents can be a place of connection and support for parents in City Harvest through our website of parent-based articles, our Facebook group community and meet-up sessions.

CityParents Committee

Vivien Yap & Family

Vivien Yap has been serving full time in City Harvest Church for the last 12 years and is happily married to one of CHC’s pastors, Reverend Kenneth Sim. They have a one year old son, Axl Sim, who’s affectionately known as Lil X!

On top of recording Lil X’s milestones and growth, Vivien blogs at www.runwaymummy.com about her experiences as a new mummy, her love for all things fashion, beauty and travel adventures!

She truly believes that becoming a mum doesn’t mean the end of yourself and motherhood need not be all-consuming. That as a mother, you can still pursue your passions and dreams while being an awesome parent to your child!

Lynn Tan & Family

Lynn Tan serves full-time in City Harvest Church as an Associate Pastor in the Harvest Kidz department. She is happily married to an amazing, supportive husband and they currently have two kids, aged 6 and 3, with a third arriving in August 2016!

Lynn’s passion is in helping children and adults experience the love and reality of Christ. She believes in all things natural (read: organic) and her favorite way to spend her “me-time” is to curl up with a good book.

Lu Jiahui & Family

Lu Jiahui is a full-time working mother of three primary school kids. She sees herself as a brand new mum, as she is learning something new about parenting every other day. She blogs regularly to keep her sanity and to journal all her experiences.

Besides being on the bandwagon to maintain Work + Life + Balance, like many working mums, Jiahui faces the challenge of maintaining a more subtle and secret balance in her family. The ingredients for this include quality time, money, resources spent on each child, and ensuring that the F-word is never uttered: FAVORITISM!

Join Jiahui as she finds her way around parenthood at www.mumseword.com

Theresa Tan’s real full time job is mothering two teenagers and a 10-year-old. While they are at school, she serves City Harvest Church as the editor of City News, the church’s news website, and as its media liaison.

Theresa has no time to blog, so most of her observations on her personal parenting journey can be found on her FaceBook timeline (be nice and she might add you as a Friend). She is also a cancer survivor who wrote a blog and book about her experience (A Clean Breast), and she maintains a semi-open line for anyone who has received a diagnosis of the disease.

Theresa is enjoying her parenting journey immensely, and can’t wait to have grandchildren in the next two decades.