Baby Phototaking Tips

As the saying goes, children are a gift from God… And so often, we find our children growing up so quickly. And before we know it, we find ourselves missing those precious moments of when they were little.

However, with modern technology, there would be no lack of photographs and videos taken from the day a child is born. From daily interactions to elaborate celebratory occasions, if you take some time and effort to capture them, you can always draw them out from the archives and relive those beautiful memories.

So here are some simple tips that can help you make the most of and capture these picture perfect memories.

1. Safety first

First thing first – Always ensure that you and your little one are not in a dangerous position or area. For example, do not get too engrossed in the process of photo taking and not realize that the baby is about to roll off the bed!

2. Right timing

Take note of your little one’s schedule and plan ahead what you want to photograph. For example if you are thinking of capturing those beautiful little hands and feet, the best timing for that would be when they are sound asleep.

3. Capture the moment 

The best moments are those that touches your heart. So be ready with your dslr, compact camera or even your hand phone camera. Remember, the best camera is the one that is with you.

4. Frame it right

It is important to take note of what is in your viewfinder. If possible, do remove clutter that is distracting to ensure proper attention is directed to your subject instead.

5. Lighting is everything 

Light is the bargaining chip for the photographer. Try to take pictures in a properly lighted environment. A good and natural way is to use a window light.

With these tips, go ahead to explore and have fun capturing those priceless moments to add to your archive of beautiful memories!

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