Harvest Kidz Curriculum

Have you ever wondered what goes on in Harvest Kidz classes? What do the kids learn and what is the Harvest Kidz curriculum all about? The Harvest Kidz team would like to introduce ourselves to you.

Our vision is to provide a conducive spiritual environment for every child to grow in God—to love God, love people and enjoy church-life. We believe in the holistic development of every child and through our curriculum, we hope to develop the following qualities in our children:

  • Character – Intrapersonal skills and godly character
  • Spiritual – Habits that can empower them to be victorious Christians
  • Intellectual – Ability to apply their thinking skills into their personal lives
  • Social – Interpersonal skills through interaction with their peers
  • Physical – A love for physical activities through our various camps and outdoor activities
  • Aesthetic – Elective programs and various talent showcases to build their confidence

Through our weekly visitations, we are better able to understand how we can work hand-in-hand with parents to help our children reach their potential.

Harvest Kidz Services are held on Saturdays (5pm) and Sundays (10am) and are grouped into the following age groups:

2 Years Old
One of the highlights is soft play, which encourages development of gross motor skills and helps to expend the effervescent energy that the toddlers have. We also include learning centers to engage these “movers” while Bible curriculum fosters spiritual routines and nurture them into forming godly habits.


3 Years Old
We seek to make coming to church a fun and relevant experience for these young ones. Our specialized learning centers and relevant curriculum help the 3-year-olds learn about God and the world around them in an engaging and fun way. At the same time the foundation for strong biblical values are laid at this tender age. Through the small group teaching, we encourage more interaction and hands-on experiences.

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4 Years Old
These preschoolers are highly curious and are going through a phase of needing to make sense of self, others around, and the world they live in. We seek to satisfy the curious mind in them through learning corners. For example, the Science Corner is where they can explore God’s world; the Art Corner is where the children can display their creativity; the Dramatic Corner is where they develop social and creative skills. These learning settings are changed from time to time to engage in their various developmental needs.


5-6 Years Old
The teaching environment is tailored to allow these little ones
to be God’s little helpers. They are given responsibility at this tender age to serve God and their friends. We have big and small group activities during Bible lessons so that every child can be involved in the learning process and have fun learning Bible truth and values.

7-8 Years Old
As the children settle into Primary School-going age, we aim to establish a firm foundation in basic Bible knowledge (such as salvation and aspects of God’s nature) and disciplines such as memorizing scripture, prayer, serving through Kids in Ministry and giving during offering time.

During the Bible lesson, God’s Word comes alive through an interactive setting that harnesses the children’s creative energy and natural curiosity. The children are encouraged to ask questions in a free, yet structured, environment while relating to one another through project work.

9-10 Years Old
At this age, older children can start to experience growing-up issues and challenging of values. It is crucial that the children at this age develop the importance of standing for the right values and living life according to God’s Word. We seek to build upon their foundation in Bible knowledge and application of spiritual disciplines to their lifestyle.


11-12 Years Old
Positive role modeling for these pre-teens is crucial as they deal with issues in relationships and issues relating to self and life in general. Our staff and volunteers seek to engage them in a healthy teacher-student mentorship role while maintaining an open attitude where the pre-teens can feel secure approaching them on any issue. Bible study and group discussions are
conducted to ground the pre-teens in the Word of God—to stand them in good stead when dealing with life issues.

Harvest Kidz is a fun place to learn! Together with parents, we want our children to grow up having a genuine relationship with God, building strong and lasting friendships, and looking forward to going to church on weekends.

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