Kids Say The Funniest Things

As parents we all experience moments when our cheeky monkeys suddenly utter something so shocking/funny/profound that leave us speechless. We have some of our CHC parents share these candid moments with us.

Megan and Cruz-e1

O Mommy of Little Faith

Huang Shilin and 6-year-old Megan and 4-year old Cruz.

Cruz: Oh no! My sword!!! Where is it?!
Mom: Oh no Cruzy, did you leave it at Aunty Fiona’s house?
Cruz starts crying.
Megan: It’s okay Cruzy, I pray for your sword now. Dear God, I pray you let Cruzy not be sad and give him another sword. Let him be happy again. In Jesus’ name, Cruzy say amen.
Mom: But Megan… (about to turn this in to a teachable moment that Cruz was irresponsible and forgetful, and losing the balloon-sword is the consequence)
Megan: MOMMY! You stop talking! Don’t always “but but but”. You always “but but but”!  This is what Jesus does. He will help Cruzy!

An hour later, at the next birthday party, Cruz is jumping on a bouncy castle, a new balloon-sword in hand.

“Mommy, Come Out!”

Yvonne Chua and her 4-year-old, Celine

“I was lying on my bed and Celine decided to land on me. It hurt a lot. I told her I was angry and I walked into the toilet. Kids being kids, she forgot very quickly that I was angry with her. After two minutes, she came knocking on the toilet door wanting to tell me something, but I did not respond. She relentlessly knocked on the toilet door and called out to me. Finally, she blurted out, ‘Mommy, if you want Jesus to love you, then you open the door and come out!’”

Jude 1

The Simplest Answer

Joanna Teo’s 3-year-old Jude talking to his mommy’s friend, Therese.

Therese: Jude, what does a chick become when it grows up?
Jude: Bigger.

Kids - Daniel (Dawn)

Football Loyalty

Dawn Seow trying to discuss football school with her 3-year-old Daniel, while her Liverpool fan husband Rayvin is in the room.
Dawn: Daniel, do you want to join the Arsenal Soccer School?
Daniel: (looks at his father) But Liverpool is better, right?

Kids - Syn-Yee

God Is Bigger Than Mosquitoes

A bedtime exchange between Annie Wong and her Syn-Yee, her 5-year-old daughter.

Annie: It’s cold. Let’s switch off the air con and turn on the fan.
Syn-Yee: Okay.
Annie: Then we need to switch off the mosquito killer lamp, okay?
Syn-Yee: Cannot. I’m scared of ghosts.
Annie: Is God more powerful than ghosts? Let’s pray that God will protect you from ghosts.
Syn-Yee: Yes, but God more powerful than mosquito too. Can we pray that God will protect us from mosquitoes and then switch on the lamp?
Annie: …

Kids- AJ3e

(T)Ouch from Jesus

Pastoral supervisor Catherine Lee and her 4-year-old son, AJ, who joined her for a Leaders’ Meeting one time and saw his mom tearing in the presence of God.

AJ: Mommie, why are you crying?
Catherine: Because Jesus touched me.
AJ: Did He touch you very hard?
Catherine: 🙄🙄🙄

Praise Him Loud!

Clifford Heng’s X-year-old Zephthah just cannot contain his praise, even if he doesn’t know all the right words! Watch him sing “Strong Love” in Mandarin:

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