Doing Marriage

I was recently saddened by news from a friend who was going through a breakup of her marriage. Sitting there, as much as I empathized with all she was sharing, I knew it was probably nothing close to the hell that she was going through. I could only offer her my listening ear and prayers during this difficult time. I knew better than to judge, as anyone who has been through marriage would probably tell you, it’s really not the easiest thing to do… And that marriage is often spelt W-O-R-K, a lot of it!

That’s why I’ve been very blessed by the recent Relationship Builder series by Pastor Kong & Sun in our services. Especially since Lil X came into the picture, this was kind of the 1st time I looked at our marriage in the face and took stock of where we were at. Truth to be told, we have neglected our marriage to kind of take a back seat for maybe a little too long now.

I believe that we all go through seasons of life and at different points in time, need to give different levels of priority to these seasons. I honestly feel that is nothing wrong and sometimes with a new phase or transition in life, I understand it’s just impossible to have the capacity to do it all or have it all. That said, like what I had previously mentioned, it has been a tad overdue. And it’s time I need to refocus and put in a little more effort and attention to ‘us’.

Even in preparation for this blog post, a more appropriate photo for this post would probably be a picture of Ken & I. But alas, I need to work on that too… Coz all our recent photos does not have any of us alone. But then again, the unrepentant me says my son is way too cute to be excluded anyway!! Oops… hehe 🙊



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