I Dreamed a Dream

I dreamed a dream… No, this is not about the musical Les Miserables… But about mothers.

Mothers, don’t give up your dreams.

As you are in this season of motherhood, embrace it, enjoy it, and be enriched in it.

Pursue your dreams and show your kids how it’s done. Teach them to be a “dream blazer” no matter the “weather.”

For the Mummies out there who have put your life on hold for your family, here’s a little something for you …

I dreamed a dream
Of growing up
Of reaching for the stars
Following my heart
Living, loving, setting myself apart

Then I grew up
I met the man
Who set my heart aflutter
He & I formed the merry band
Until my baby (babies) made me a mother hen

Came days of soiled diapers
Nights of sleeplessness
Is this all there is?
Sometimes I despair
And wring my hands in the air

But I catch my breathe
Seeing that cherubic smile
Satisfied, happy in my arms
The tiny hands grasping my own
Flesh of my flesh, bone of my bone

Tottering on tiny steps
Navigating the big leap
Loving and giving all I know
Towards his/her freedom and liberty
To the best of my ability

I know I must leave a legacy
Of what it means to be a Mum
Of grace and dignity
To embrace my dream once again
Perhaps different, perhaps that regained

I must teach my child always
To embrace whatever God gives
In dreaming his/her dream
To pave the way and show how it’s done
Sticking to our guns

~ Lynn Tan ~

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